After Seeing This You Will Never Leave Your Kids Alone With Theirs Dads!

Dads let theirs kids do naughty things and in the end they say: “Don’t tell your mother“. Fathers are a heap of fun and mothers with protective instincts don’t trust fathers. Check this unbelievable situations that happened when kids were alone with dads.

1 – This baby sleeps very quiet and peaceable. Look what her dad did .. Now just imagine the heap of laughter that this dad is when she is wake..

image source: elatadexico

2 – Fake eyebrows and mustache.. Do you think a mother would do that? Yes … dad did it!


3 – “Draw Fake Eyebrows on your baby. Then sit back and enjoy.” This is the procedure of some dad when he he get alone at home with baby.


4 – Dad doing a lot of pouts. Baby should never be bored!

Pics for Fun

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Do you think you saw ever? Just continue reading to see more fun from dads to babies. And yes, never leave kids alone with theirs dads! Or hire a babysitter just in case 🙂

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