Did you know that a man faced legal charges after taking a live tiger to a ..

It can be quite frustrating when you can’t find a drinking buddy for the night. And apparently frustration got the better for a 57 year old man, who took a live tiger to a bar with him.

tiger1[1]Image source

John Basile from Lockport, Illinois, found aunique companion for a night out at a local bar. Official reports state that on the 15th of February this year, the man took a tiger to Uncle Richie’s Bar. And if the news of the live tiger walking around in the bar isn’t shocking enough, the reports also state that this wasn’t the tiger’s first night at Uncle Richie’s.

Apparently staff at the bar found the situation entertaining, but the local police didn’t share their opinion. According to the police, the bargoers’ lives were endangered by the tiger, which belongs to Big Run Wolf Ranch, the man’s licensed animal rescue center.

Basile might have received a license from the federal government to keep the tiger, but he received several charges for taking it to the bar. [source: 1]

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