The Most Unusual Trees in the World

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11. Ice Tree

They are called “Ice Trees” because they grow in the Arctic in very rigorous atmospheric conditions. Only Mother-Nature survive in this kind of places and Niccolo Bondadini, an Italian Photographer was there and now we can see how an Ice Tree looks like.

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10. Jabuticaba

The dark berries you see in the photo are actually used for making juice and wine. Theses berries can have the size of a tennis-ball.

The tree has berries not only on the branches but it is fully covered by these big dark-violet berries.

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9. Pine Trees

The Crooked Forest or the Gryfino Forest is a place situated in Northwest Poland. In the 1930s and 1940s, around 400 pine-trees were planted here. As the trees grew, it became obvious that this forest has nothing ordinary about it: the trees have a curved-crooked form and it is almost identical for all of them.

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