Sick Of Paying Rent? Just Build Your Own Tiny Palace Like These Guys Did ..

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Chris Tack and Melissa Tack are forgoing the “more is more” mentality and living both lightly and beautifully on the planet.

They designed and built an amazing tiny house with 140-square-foot area constructed on a trailer bed and parked in Snohomish, Washington.

This couple built the amazing house you will see next in 800 hours ..


This is a raw draft of their idea for their amazing new house. When you see the inside, believe me you will be jealous!


Here you can see the inside ..


Part of the kitchen .. you only need some place to cook 🙂


Mounting the workspace .. Chris is designer freelancer


Upstairs you have the bed  with windows so you can wake with a lot of natural light ..


They used a recycled wine barrel for shower (connected to drainage). It is not the most standard solution, but for a designer we could not expect less creativity …


They are organization masters .. Look the way they have their things


Seth is their cat


They also have a place to their cat


The 3D model of their house

181920 21

Continue reading to see: energy and water systems and photos of the construction process ..

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