You’ve Never Seen Something Like This In A House

If there were not cat lovers in the world, this company probably would not exists. But there are, and now cat lovers can buy them cats a heaven. Just check this out …

The German company Goldtatze specializes in making very attractive kitty towers and walkways. Do you think that is insane? Just continue reading …

cat-furniture[1]Image source:

It all started when craftsman and designer Stefan Hofman decided to make some walkways for his cat, Mowgli. The kitty needed some extra space to climb in the apartment. And the results were great, Mowgli really seems to like the new space.

cat-furniture2[1]Image source:

Yes, a lot of cats are just really cool in their new paradise just inside owners homes. What can they aks more?

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One of the advantages of these is that the upper spaces in a house can be used for cats walking. And they love that.. Just check the next photos …

Source: / Via HausPanther

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