The Coolest Tiny Hobbit-Like Home Ever. Just Wait Til You Go Inside .. I want one!

Tiny house, tiny spaces for living, all of these are amazing and are bringing more freedom to the people. We have shared great experiences of other people that built great houses with very few money.

For example: 153 Square Feet Tiny House, Couple Built their Dream Tiny Home, Man Builds Fair Home For His Family and others.

This man (Ash Yeates of Torii Gardens) inspired his new house in tiny houses and J.R. Tolkien stories. The result was that:

 The entrance and final work result .. Now he has his own Hobbit Home!

The Coolest Tiny Hobbit-Like Home Ever 1Image source

That was how it all started .. Who knew that would be born a hobbit-like house here?

The Coolest Tiny Hobbit-Like Home Ever 2Image source

And work began with a very simple structure ..

The Coolest Tiny Hobbit-Like Home Ever 3Image source

Ash Yeates working on his new hobbit home ..

4Image source

Using land to coat the roof? Actually improves the thermal characteristics of the house ..

5Image source

This is not a windows, this is the door. Yes, you need to jump to the interior ..

6Image source

7Image source

Or .. You can use the stairs ..

8Image source

Finally a brief view of the inside ..

hobbit9Image source

Inside View 1

10Image source

Inside View 2

11Image source

An outlet to vent .. Don’t forget that if you are planing to build a house like this ..

12Image source

You can sit here or use it as storage space .. All spaces need to be highly optimized ..

13Image source

New hobbit home resident .. Seem to be happy !!


Image source

The man who built the hobbit home ..

15Image source

And other amazing picture of this beautiful home ..


Image source

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