I Would Like to Live in This Shipping Container Transformed in An Amazing House. The Inside is Awesome!

Do you ever thought it was possible to transform an old container in an amazing house? The answer is: yes it is possible. The new Green and Sustainable architecture trend is bringing a lot new concepts, solutions and possibilities.

An old shipping container was used as support for a great idea. Poteet Architects transformed an old shipping container in a great space turning it in a great small space to live. All this kind of new small houses has a great thing: they can be placed in places behind the nature. Now just imagine …

The name of project is: Container Guest House. This is the view from outside, but when you look closer you will be amazed!

container1[1]Image Source / Credits (proteet architects)

container2[1]Image Source / Credits (proteet architects)

container4[1]Image Source / Credits (proteet architects)

container6[1]Image Source / Credits (proteet architects)

Now let’s start looking the inside. Yes, in my opinion, inside is just amazing! Must see …

container7[1]Image Source / Credits (proteet architects)

Continue reading to check more great photos of the interior, the bathroom and details about illumination. Check the page navigation at the top of the post or in the bottom.

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