How to Easily Heat Your Home Using Flower Pots & Tea Lights


Wanting to cut costs on the energy bill, especially now that temperatures are dropping for the season? Economics may be one reason to seek more sustainable energy sources, but this inventive way to heat the house is also purely fascinating.

Rising energy bills are a political hot topic at the moment but one YouTube user has devised a way of heating a room for just 8 pence (2 cents) a day.

Dylan Winter created his DIY heater using tealights placed inside a bread tin and covered with two ceramic flowerpots.

The system uses the scientific principles of convection heat transfer and Winter claims it can heat his home for around eight hours a day.

Winter bought tealights from Ikea that cost $1.2 for 100, a standard loaf tin, and two different-sized flowerpots.

The smaller flowerpot, when placed upside down, needs to just cover the centre of the loaf tin, while the larger flowerpot needs to sit comfortably over the smaller one.

In the video explaining how to build the heater, Winter lights four of the candles and places them inside the tin.

He places the smaller flowerpot upside down on top of the tin and covers the hole in the pot with one of the metal cases leftover from the tealights.

The larger flowerpot is then placed on top of the smaller one, and its hole is left uncovered.

To see the video and learn How it Works and How Much is Costs Click NEXT.

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