Everyone Knows Something About this Place, But Nobody Knows Exactly How It Is

It is a Natural Heaven, it has a Fresh Water Treasure Trove, it is excellent to observe the Northern Lights and contains the famous House of Santa Claus with his own study and post office.. Do you know where Santa Claus has his place?

#15 The Largest Island in the World

Greenland is situated some 460 miles away from the North Pole and is as large as 10 British Islands put together.

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#14 Drifted Away From Home

Geographically, this island looks like an extension to the North American continent, but politically it’s a self-governed province of Denmark.

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#13 Green Marketing Campaign

The first Vikings came to this island in 985 BC and called it “green” land to attract more people. It’s difficult to judge whether they were successful, because the current population is only about 56,000 people.

Image source: www.letstravelsomewhere.com
Kidding about the latter, of course. But polar bears are indeed a prominent representative of the local fauna, represented on the state coat of arms of Greenland.

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#11 Occasional Light at the End of the Tunnel

The average winter temperatures range from -33 to -52 degrees Fahrenheit. It is usually warmer in coastal areas, especially the western one. In the summer temperatures can sometimes go up to +70 degrees.

Image source: upload.wikimedia.org

#10 Fresh Water Treasure Trove

The ice layer covering Greenland is about 4,920 feet thick on average. If all of it melted, the World ocean level would rise 23 feet.

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#9 Tricky Economy

The prices are pretty high on the island. Greenland has sufficient fish and seafood resources, and everything else has to be imported. Therefore, prices are generally 10-20% higher compared to those on the mainland.

Image source: www.touristnature.com

#8 Ecological Heaven

The most convenient transport for exploring the island is a sledge and dog team, especially since there are no roads or railways between towns. Just make sure to bundle up warm.

Image source: www.greenland-travel.com

#7 Majestic Aurora

The western coast of Greenland is an excellent place to observe the Northern Lights. And some lights they are!

Image source: d19lgisewk9l6l.cloudfront.net

#6 Santa’s Homeland

Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, contains the famous House of Santa Claus, with his own study and post office.

Image source: santa-greenland.com

#5 World’s Northernmost Town

Due to its location, Upernavik has the harshest weather. It’s funny, but the name is translated as “spring place.” With average summer temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit it sounds like bravado.

Image source: tiaurus.info

#4 Iceberg Land

Disko Bay is probably the most renowned bay in Greenland. Its waters are constantly “sailed” by thousands of ice hills of different shapes and sizes.

Image source: www.americapictures.net

#3 Climber’s Challenge

The southernmost town of Greenland, Nanortalik, is surrounded by a whole “forest” of rocks and mountains. It’s excellent training even for experienced mountaineers.

Image source: marzerk.files.wordpress.com

#2 Sun on Ice

During the summer solar radiation is quite high, reflecting from the vast ice surface almost 24 hours a day. Protective cream and sunglasses are a must.

Image source: s2.djyimg.com

#1 Authentic Souvenirs

Souvenirs here are unique – they are not mass-made unimaginatively in China, but hand-crafted by local artisans. The most popular is the tupilak, which means “spirit.”

Image source: www.stolka.com

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