This Couple Had no Building Experience But What They are Doing is Amazing!

Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller (in the photos below), are a couple that don’t want a big size house. Instead of that look what they did with no building experience and that is so amazing!

The benefits of tinny houses are many. Size is not the most important thing in the place where you live. “Green living” is a good option debt free. They built their own tinny house together and how it happened is very cool story ..

This couple decided to build their dream home..

tiny-house[1]Image source:

This is the foundation of their tinny house …

tiny-house26[1]Image source:

As the areas are small, the work is not so difficult as you can think ..

And it was going to be tiny.Image source:

They worked with pleasure in their project …

tiny-house2[1]Image source:

This is nothing comparing with final result .. But it had so meting other houses not: mobility …

tiny-house27[1]Image source:

tiny-house14[1]Image source:

Couple decided to settle down outside of Boulder, Colorado..

tiny-house3[1]Image source:

When Christopher decided to settle down, he started thinking in the interiors and you will see ..

tiny-house29[1]Image source:

Many people are learning to live in small homes to reduce their footprint.

tiny-house5[1]Image source:

Together, they had to learn many skills to build a house from scratch. They started in Interiors ..

tiny-house6[1]Image source:

Sometimes they had to approach helpful employees at stores like Home Depot to figure out how to get everything finished..

tiny-house7[1]Image source:

It fits a queen-sized bed in the loft area, and you how it looks like in the end ..

tiny-house12[1]Image source:

Couple built it to run on solar power.. Green living style ..

tiny-house13[1]Image source:

tiny-house16[1]Image source:

Interiors are so amazing!


It is a tinny house .. there is more than enough room for just two people ..

tiny-house31[1]Image source:

Both Christopher and Merete moved a lot in their 20s in their truck and small house..

tiny-house20[1]Image source:

It is easier to live together in such a small space ..

tiny-house21[1]Image source:

The big message from this couple: “bigger isn’t necessarily better” .. and we believe a lot of people is now seeing it ..

tiny-house22[1]Image source:

They have time, money and mobility now .. maybe they did the right choice ..

tiny-house23[1]Image source:

Living near the nature has is priceless!

tiny-house25[1]Image source:

Source: Tiny: The Movie’s Web site

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