7 Hobbit Homes That Are Real. Can you imagine living there?

These are 7 Hobbit Homes you probably didn’t know they actually exist. Some for individual residence. Other for tourism. Yest, you can book holidays in a Hobbit Hotel.

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1 – Welsh Hobbit Home

Welsh Hobbit house looks amazing. Read below the story of this house and you will be shocked!

7 Hobbit Homes That Are Real

Outside view

7 Hobbit Homes That Are Real

Welsh Hobbit Home: This green-roofed Welsh hobbit home is a beautiful and amazing home but the real story of this is very sad. Can you just imagine that .. The family who lived there was forced to move because it was demolished. The reason why was that this dream house was build without permits. Do you think it is fair and reasonable? Is true houses need permits but there is not always people do amazing things like this..

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