These Are Hearth-Stoping Locations for Those Who Are Afraid of Heights

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If you’re afraid of heights, you can face your fears if some day you travel for these places.

Everyone feels a shiver when you look down on these unbelievable Sky-walks and most of them have a glass structure so you can have a wide view when you look down.

1. Grand Canyone Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA. It is the second highest glass floor in the world. This structure where you can walk and look down is suspended at 4000 feet elevation.

If you like heights you can relax with that unique view …

52697a[1]People walking (it seems one of them is to secure the well-railing)

Skywalk01[1]Image source

Looking down …

446631631_671d8647a0[1]Image source

And here it is the scheme – 4000 feet suspended skywalk

destination_grand_canyon_skywalk[1]Image source

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